Monday, July 23, 2007

Life's A Beach

We had and awesome weekend at the beach. We camped at First Landing State Park which is on the Chesapeake Bay adjacent to Fort Story and 10 minutes from Virginia Beach. We had perfect weather... a cool ocean wind accompanying the warm, sunny sky. I love the taste of salt in the air and the stickiness of it on your skin. Ah... the beach. Leaving was really hard.

Above is a picture of the newer Cape Henry Light house. Nick climbed to the top of the one built in 1792 for a great view. Babies weren't allowed so Anastasia and I waited below. The one pictured above is still in use today. I pity the man who has to climb to the top everyday to light the lamp!
Anastasia LOVED the ocean! She dug in the sand and we made a hole for the waves to fill with water like a tiny pool. She totally dug it. No pun intended.

Here is Nick looking out at the Chesapeake Bay. The wind on Saturday made larger waves than usual on the bay. The water was very refreshing. There is nothing quite like a dip in the salty sea.

First Landing State Park is the only place in Virginia where you can find this awesome Spanish moss hanging from trees. And the murky looking swamp water was drank by pirates because it was fresh water, cleansed by the boric acid that turns it murky black. This forest is very magical and was home to the Chesapeake Indians. Nick lead us on a 5 mile hike after 4 hours of sleep. I don't know how Andy can hike up to 36 miles in a day! Ugh!

Anastasia is a true adventurer. Camping is definitely on the top of her favorite activities list. She is happy so long as she is outdoors.

We also saw these people Kiteboarding at the bay. Now I want to go live at the beach and learn this really, really cool sport. The people we saw were getting about 6 feet off of the water and it looked as if they were swinging from the kite about 20 feet or so distance-wise. I have never seen such an awesome looking sport... perhaps this could even top snowboarding and kayaking (my beloved pastimes). This all coming from the mother of a six-month-old who can't even save myself 30 minutes in the morning for a short jog. haha.