Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Fig

I have been begging Nick for a cat for a very long time. With ever single mouse infestation I have been trying to use that as leverage to bring home a little feline from the pound. WELL, I finally got my way. First off, to be fair Nick is allergic to cats which is a good reason not to have one. And I do have a cat, Milo, who is currently living at my parents, doesn't really like kids, and is kind of a scaredy cat who is very happy with his life. We definitely NEEDED a kitten. And so my Uncle Eric and Aunt Shirley ended up with 4 stray cats... (that incidentally became 5 stray cats) and among them was Figero. He was very skittish of people. Especially little people. He adopted me right away though. He always responds when I call him and purrs and rubs all over me. I read that wrapping a feral cat in a towel twice a day for 20 minutes, petting, and talking softly helps them build trust. He is not nearly that wild, but I thought I would give it a go since he is so skittish. I have only been doing this for 2 days, and along with helpings of canned cat food, he seems to be warming up quite nicely.

I had a tabby very similar to this one named "Tigger" growing up who was insanely tame that we would dress up in doll clothes and push around in a toy stroller. So I call this "Tigger Training". I don't know if Fig will ever let us dress him in frilly little dresses... but he has a very sweet temperament and doesn't attack Anastasia when she carries him by the neck. They both need a little work I guess. But let me tell you, life seems all the more complete with a cat. A cat really makes things a little more cozy and homey--even if he does live on the porch.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Beachy

We had a splendid time at the beach last week. Most unfortunately it was gray and rainy most of the time. We stopped at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens on our way out, for our little bit of sunshine before the rain:I consider these gardens to be one of the best kept secrets in Virginia... especially because they are 30 minutes from Virginia beach and seem relatively untouched. They had an awesome butterfly exhibit where both girls enjoyed watching the butterflies. The butterflies liked the flowers on Anastasia's shirt but Anastasia screamed histerically when they came flying at her! I feel horrible that she has this phobia of bugs... and I don't know why! We also enjoyed the "World of Wonder" children's garden where Isabel got to be a butterfly:And we all enjoyed cooling off in the fountains! They have such a nice children's garden!!My mom got us a nice hotel room right on the Chesapeake bay but as soon as we checked in, it started raining, and then storming! The rain didn't stop the next day, but during a drizzle, we finally went out and enjoyed the beach a little. The wet sand made for excellent sand castle building. Anastasia really liked the sand and I helped her build a castle for her fairies:And by-the-way, the pink fairy picture above is named "Clare"! How great is that? She happens to be the hero fairy who always tells all the other fairies "no" but always saves the day! I think I should be flattered. Anastasia just started imaginary play and I LOVE IT! I am constantly amused at the adventures of her gaggle of fairies and the dilemmas that "Clare" gets them out of. Usually they jump in their beds and bump their heads, and Clare calls the doctor and makes everything better. Kids are just so darn cute! After some sand castle building, we went found an AWESOME consignment store (because that is what I do at the beach in the rain lol) and went to the Virginia Aquarium where we saw sea turtles, otters and got to pet some stingrays. It was, in Anastasia's words, "cool!" By the end of the second day, the sun peaked out of the clouds a bit and we enjoyed a few hours on the beach at sunset. It was every bit of wonderful that the beach is supposed to be. Sand between the toes, the setting sun, seashell hunting, and just breathing in that salty sea air. *sigh*
Anastasia found a dead crab on the beach, and felt she needed to "bury" it in sand.
Every summer on the very first warm day, I always feel like the sea is calling me... and I just want to be laying in the sand, under the sun with the waves lapping my feet. My mom instilled in me a deep love for nature, and especially the beach... and I am already wishing I could go back...

I am so glad my mom and I get to share the ocean and all its treasures with my own children.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Baaack...ish...

Well, its been a while. After a lot of busy-ness and fun and tons of cleaning and laundry, our house is clean and more organized than it has been in a while. I wanted to get everything clean and in order before fall hits... because all my good intentions want to begin some sort of "preschool" with Anastasia. In fact, I am going to start up a little blog to document our activities and progress. I am not really using a curriculum, I mean, she is only 2 1/2, but I have gathered inspiration from so many books and I will definately be sharing them in the future.

Isabel is still pretty cranky, but I am finding distractions for her... and she is crawling now I think. I guess you could call it crawling... it just looks really funny! Its hard to believe Anastasia stood up and started walking at 10 1/2 months... and Isabel is almost that age and could care less about standing at all. I am glad to have a baby a little longer though!!! As a priest told me yesterday, "She is such a little meatball!" She really, truly is. Oh and look what I made after she went to bed on Friday night:

My mom and I are going to the beach on Wednsday for a couple days, and I really wanted to make a quilt. Like I have time to make a quilt. Then as I was checking Soule Mama's blog, I saw this post and realized, I could easily make a picnic blanket, with large (fat quarter-sized) squares backed with an old sheet. And it was easy! Very imperfect, but easy! And I love the light-ness of it because it is easy to stuff in a bag, and doesn't take up too much room, but is quite a decent size when rolled out!! I am so happy! Plus, I was able to use some of this:It was leftover from the first nursery decor I made for Anastasia... I have been saving it, and I had no clue what to do with it... but I can't find it anywhere now, and I just LOVE it. Now, it can be useful and come with us everywhere. I felt so guity cutting it up... but I have about 1/2 yard left so there is a little life left for when inspiration hits.

We went to Antietem this weekend. It was a lovely outing (minus the occasional fussing). Nick posted more on that here. Now I am gearing up for our trip to the beach. Somehow taking 2 small children to the beach requires mountains of stuff... I feel like I have to be prepared for anything and everything. Atleast I have the beach blanket done... I have missed posting, but needed to get things together a bit on the homefront! Its good to be back in my little corner of the web!