Monday, June 11, 2012

Dolly dresses and diapers

 So a few years ago Anastasia had been gifted with an American Girl Bitty Baby doll that only recently becamse a well-loved member of our family.  For the past few months now, Isabel has been begging me for a Bitty Baby too which I told her she might get for her birthday in October.  Well, Isabel's wishing must have been heard by some little flea market fairies because on Saturday wee found a little blonde Bitty Baby for $3.  $3 DOLLARS!!!  I have never seen my little red head more happy!!! In fact this baby hasn't left her side for the past 2 days! The only issues were that there was a little, light green permanent marker line on the dolls nose and she had no clothes. From 2 feet away you wouldn't notice the marker but it was there. Isabel didn't mind but thanks to a Magic Eraser and a lot of scrubbing by Isabel, this doll is as good as new! And I made her some clothes:
 Anastasia begged me to make matching dresses for their dolls like the ones I had made them! Thankfully, I had just enough fabric to pull something together.  I didn't use a pattern... so they are a little funky-fitted, but that is okay!  Little girls don't mind imperfections.
 Anastasis also wanted me to take a picture of her and her doll.  So there ya go.
 And I made little matching cloth diapers and wipes and a wipe case from the tutorial here.  These were sooooo easy and quick and a perfect way to use up larger fabric scraps!
AND as if that wasn't enough I finished up my evening with a pair of pajama pants for myself from a vintage sheet.  As you can see, I had a lot of help!  In the end I have an amazingly comfortable, cute pair of pajama pants that cost me less than $1.  I still have quite a bit of sheet left... so I see some matching nightwear for kiddies coming soon! Oh Binge sewing is the best!!! Only I should be binge-packing for our roadtrip!! YIKES!


Maryanne said...

I have lurked on your blog for quite awhile, but I just have to comment on this post! I too, have an Isabel (age 4), and she has Bitty Twins - beloved members of our household since this past Christmas. She has been BEGGING for matching pajamas for her and her boy/girl twins. I am not crafty enough to have thought of making them rather than spending the ridiculous amount it costs for the clothes in the AG catalogue. Hmm...I just might try that! Your dresses looked awesome :)

Clare said...

Hi Maryanne! Thank you for commenting and reading my blog! Sometiimes I think I have 2 readers! LOL! Yes, it is pretty easy to sew for dolls because the seams are so small. Joanns sells a lot of doll patterns that go on sale for $1. I am sure you could alter 18" patterns for bitty twins! :) It is hard to pay so much for clothes that can be made for so cheap! Best of luck! :) Thank you again for stopping by!