Friday, March 30, 2007

12:30 am Ramblings

It is 12:30 am Saturday. My friend Wendy's husband just graduated from the police acadamy (yay Jason) so we are traveling up to PA today after I sleep for 7 hours and feed Anastasia 8 times! haha. Anyhow, I am awake. Nick and Anastasia are all sprawled out in our seemingly small Queen size bed. Its pretty adorable... the two of them are so alike and wonderful. I am so in love :) If you had asked me before Anastasia was born I would have said co-sleeping was completely out of the question but when you have a newborn who won't sleep in a cradle, it becomes quite the answer. Now I mourn the day she will ever move out and I wonder if I should force it upon her soon before she can detest too much, or let her stay until she decides for herself she is old enough. Her crib is just down the hall, but with me nursing and all, that is quite a hike compared with right next to me. We will see what works.

Speaking of crazy mothering stuff, I have been using nice cloth diapers on Anastasia and love them. I was worried it would be so much work, and it really isn't. When I used disposables they leaked her bf poop everywhere and she had these weird rashy spots. Both problems have been solved and I love snuggling her little butt in cozy cotton diapers and cute covers. No more chemicals for Anastasia and Planet Earth. And no more spending extra money on diapers. And the sad thing is, I have no place to dump recyclables and I feel terrible throwing away boxes and nice glass jars. The worst though, is ziplock bags. I love those things! They seem to wonderful to toss with that magic zipper that turns green when you zip it. But they quickly wear out and don't wash well. I used to tote my recyclables to Whole Foods and put them in bins there or in someone's recycle bin on the way... but I am very forgetful and they would pile up and irritate Nick and he would throw away my beautiful collection of cereal boxes and cans (with no sharp edges thanks to my handy tupperware can opener). So that is my recycle saga. Perhaps using cloth diapers that don't take more than a lifetime to decompose make up for it. I wish my landlord would get recycling here but I don't want to bother him since we pay so little and have such a nice set up.

Lastly I wanted to say that I was reading today that 1 in 8 women end up in poverty after age 60! Thats really sad. Especially considering that they recieve only about 1/4 of what men get for retirement due to less pay and less time spent working. Plus women live on average 10 years more than men. It comes to life now that I feel I work harder than I ever have with this little baby... and for the first time since I was 17 I am not bringing home a paycheck. There is great satisfaction in trading your time and skills for money. I do know there are more important things than money, but when you are struggling its hard to accept those things as more important. But then I look at Anastasia and Nick... sleeping so sweetly under the red comforter... and I know that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I shall join them now.

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