Monday, April 9, 2007

Cherry Blossoms and Easter Eggs

Anastasia and her best friend.

There was a thunderstorm that wiped out all the cherry blossoms this year. My mom and I missed them and instead walked to the Jefferson Memorial with Anastasia and Leia. Anastasia slept through the adventure and Leia thought it would be great to go hunting. First it was pigeons! My poor mom held her leash as she darted after every pigeon. You would never know she was a city savvy husky. Next in the park ranger's tent, she assumed the furs used in a demonstration were fair game and almost grabbed one off the table. Moments later as we were walking she tried to grab a lady's fur coat who was sitting with her back to us. Lucky for the lady my mom grabbed Leia before leaving the women cold in the wind. At the lake she found ducks and paddle boats to invision in her mouth. There is never a shortage of wild game in the city. She was not defeated... she did kill a cockroach making its way across the floor at home. Good dog.

We went to the National Bacillica for Easter Mass. It was lovely even though we sat on the floor in the corner. Nick described it as "camping, except in a church". Afterwards I cut Anastasia's finger with nail clippers because I kept forgetting to do it while she slept! In my haste I cut her tiny finger and she cried bloody murder for a few minutes, which seemed like hours. Happy First Easter! I felt so bad. I rolled down a flight of stairs and an infant and I turned out okay. That is with the exception of being scared to death of roller coasters as a child. I had dreams "they" would kill my parents if I wouldn't ride a roller coaster. Who were "they" and why? I don't know. But it was quite a nightmare! I also had a recurring dream as a child of falling out of a hot air balloon. I don't know if that is linked to my flight down stairs... but it is an interesting thought. Hopefully Anastasia will only remember her first Easter as the beautiful mass, the Resurrection, her blue bunny from Grandma and Cadburry cream egg flavored milk. Happy Easter everybody!

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