Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Thank you Craig... whoever you are...

Can I just say I LOVE CRAIG'S LIST!!! I just got a bunch of moving boxes, and Nick is picking up a camp stove and some airmattresses we got for $40 (including a pump). We are going camping in a couple weeks, and Nick wanted an air mattress and I wanted a campstove, and I found this post with both! And it will cost less than at REI using my dividend, and we can use our $20 dividend for something else. I will try and resell one of the mattresses for $10 since we probably don't need both. I also just sold my wardrobe (that is slightly falling apart) for $40 and plan on selling our Futon next week! in this move, who knows what other wondrous things I will be able to sell! I was thinking of starting a business once we settle at my parents of buying items at yardsales and selling them on Craig's List... hmm.

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