Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Library Book Reviews

I have been somewhat obsessed with the Stafford Public Library. I think is a great outlet for my consumer-habits. Its great because it is free (besides the fact that I lost a book). I have been reading my heart out this summer with my nose between the pages of Living Simple magazines and chick novels. I have recently come across their Yoga Video selections (for mamas, try Yoga Ma Baby Ga) and the baby section (where I came across "Super Baby Food"). On top of that they have children's books galore and fun programs for all (including knitting groups, scrap booking clubs, chess nights and baby reading time). So that is where I have been, my loyal blog-readers. I decided to provide you with my review of the Secret Life of Bees.

The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd *****

This is definitely my favorite read of the summer. It is about a white girl named Lily who runs away from her abusive father (T-Ray) and rescues her black friend from being beaten to death in prison which is a big deal in 1964 South Carolina. She is on a search for information about her dead mother and ends up working for three black women who are bee keepers. She is hiding from the law, and more so from her father and becomes enchanted with keeping bees and their colorful keepers. This book is absolutely charming and will draw tears and spark smiles. The non-traditional faith of the bee keepers and their group "The Daughters of Mary" are very controversial with regard to the Christian/Catholic Faith, but their devotion to Mary is quite endearing. I would recommend putting aside any harsh religious criticisms and indulge yourself into the sweet world of honey bees.

On another note, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS AUGUST!!! Summer is almost over!! We have been spending our evenings watching Harry Potter and are totally hooked... like the complete nerds we are!! (We are just a little behind the times). It is getting me pumped for autumn but I will miss the sweet summer time. Thats all for now... until next time... Ciao!


KarenInTidewaterVA said...

I have a Blog now... just started it today :)

Miss you! Love you!


hnh2 said...

Yeah! Excited that you found and love "Yoga Ma Baby Ga". As the producer, it makes me happy to see unsolicited, positive comments.
Happy Holidays!