Friday, September 7, 2007


Its so hard to believe it is already September. Autumn is just around the corner! I took Caitlin and Anastasia to Water Works in Dale City last Friday for the last day of summer. We stopped by Dairy Queen for some Milk shakes and delivered on to Nick at work. Unfortunately, on our way home, I was down shifting to make a U-Turn, and as soon as I pressed the clutch in I heard a distinct "CLUNK!" That was the clutch's last word. I couldn't restart it, so we called AAA who sent us a free tow truck (thank God for AAA) while we waited for my mom to come pick us up (as Nick's phone had no juice and I couldn't reach him). So originally we were in the middle of the road (which is not a fun place to be on 234). Luckily the tow truck driver helped us cross the street where we waited along a bike path. We walked to the major intersection and waited for my mom. So summer went out with a "CLUNK" for me. Caitlin and Anastasia seemed excited about the adventure of it all.

My life has slowed down a bit as I just watch Caitlin in the afternoons now. I have much more time to myself. It is kind of nice, except I expect more work (house work) out of myself now. Before I made excuses for my laziness... now I actually have no reason not to get things done! I started knitting a sweater for Anastasia. My most recent creation is the hat pictured above, which isn't perfect but kind of cute anyway. I am almost half way through Harry Potter book number 5!! Nick just finished 6 so we are well on our way through our schooling at Hogwarts. Must buy #7 tonight!

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What a cutie your little girl is! :) Come visit my blog, too! :

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