Monday, January 28, 2008

One Year and 2 Days old...

Anastasia finally hit the one year mark on Saturday. We had a great "polar party" complete with an igloo ice cream cake and penguin hats. We had family and friends over for a little get together (minus the traditional Rivers redneck bonfire). I will post some pictures later as I am currently waiting on some vegetables to turn into broth.

Its amazing to think of all of the milestones babies complete in their first year of life. From her first smile at 2 months, to her first steps at 10 1/2 months Anastasia has kept us on our toes in the adventure of our lifetime. She has a firey personality to match her name, which means "the ressurection". Her favorite things are her stuffed husky, her real husky, her books, and snuggling with mom and dad. Not to forget baby Einstein CDs and classical music.

In one year Anastasia has been camping a couple times, been to the beach a couple times, to Georgia, North Carolina, Chicago, Pennsylvania and all of the states in between. She enjoyed several trips to waterparks, hiking, and zoos. She has been all over it seems and it thrilled with all the new experiences and people. We couldn't be more thrilled with our fearless little adventurer. Currently she is talking on my cell phone upside-down (which is also her favorite way to read books.) She enjoys helping me with chores as well as creating more chores for me to do.

She is nothing I could have ever expected... when I was expecting.

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