Monday, January 7, 2008

The Joy of Weaning

I know it has been forever and another post will soon follow this with Christmas meanderings. I just wanted to write about my weaning experience because it has been HUGE for us.

I never expected to wean so soon but due to some bites from a couple months ago, I had excruciatingly painful cuts that would not heal. I kept nursing for about 6 or 7 weeks with ups and downs including bouts of tears and a true reluctance to nurse. Finally, after trying EVERYTHING, and downing 2 tubes of lanolin with no improvements, I realized that nobody wins when nursing becomes too painful for me. I continue to pump and no longer nurse Anastasia to sleep (which is HUGE!) We are all much happier. I am a new me. Now I give A. bottles at night, and solid foods during the day. It has been pretty painless and amazingly, I love not nursing. I loved nursing, but now when Anastasia wants mommy, she comes and hugs or snuggles me without feeling like she has to nurse. Maybe I feel less like a cow and more like a nurturer. I also feel more inclined to put down the broom and spend time playing with Anastasia and cuddling her whenever I can to make up for any lack that not nursing may leave. She even seems more content about it. Like most things when it comes to parenting, I didn't expect weaning to be this good.

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~Karen~ said...

Man I hear ya! I started EPing (Exclusively Pumping) on day 5! Jackson's latch had me screaming and I thought I was going to die (it was so painful!!!)I had to go to the ER, Jackson stopped latching at all because I was screaming with pain in his ear....) I pumped 11 times a day for 5 months (kept my supply up and never had to use formula!!!) and then I went to 6 pumps a day, then 5 and now at 10 months I am down to 4 pumps a day! So exciting! I also donanted aprox. 12 GALLONS of milk to a milk bank in NC... If you are still pumping there are some great tips on this message board to help ya :)

I am looking forward to weaning too, although pumping has become so much apart of my life that I'm planning on pumping at least two more months... Our freezer is full of milk, too :). Being an EPer really gives more meaning to the Bible verses "Die to Self!!!" Up until Jackson was about 8 months old I pretty much did nothing but pumped/stayed home and did household duties... It's exciting to have a bit more time to do things these days! (Like shopping!) Love ya! Love your posts A. is such a DOLL! Love, Karen