Friday, December 5, 2008

The Gnome Home

I FINALLY finished Anastasia's fabric dollhouse loosely based off the tutorial here. I also made some super cute little peg gnomes. The house turned out pretty crooked and I had to take it apart several times because I tried to make it more complex and it didn't work. That being said, I am still completely in love with it and hope Anastasia will be too. Here is the front of the house and the family that lives there:The gnome family:
Daddy gnome doing laundry without being asked by mommy gnome (only in a perfect world, eh?)
Blurry shot of the inside and back yard:
and a shot of the fireplace:

Unfortunately the uneven walls and floor make the inside look really weird but thats okay. I don't think my almost-2-year-old will mind. It is SO nice to be finished.


Laura said...

What an adorable little set! She will really love getting it for Christmas :) I actually think it makes a better gnome home being slightly imperfect ;)

jojoebi said...

wow that is sooo cute.
can't imagine my little monkey wanting one though, girls get all the good stuff!
Like the carpet :o)

Clare said...

Thanks! Yeah it was very fun to make, and would have been easy if I stuck more to the pattern. ;)

And yes Jo, girls have all the fun stuff. I have also seen fabric barns... or a fabric garage for cars? Maybe that isn't quite the same. But I HAD to use the acorn fabric in there somewhere!! It seemed appropriate!

Kelly said...

So darling!! I totally love it! Very good job Clare.

Kelly said...

Ok, I just noticed the acorn floor - too cute. Too cute!

Annie said...

AMAZING!!! I love it... but my favorite part are those fantastiscally long braids on the one gnome!

Wendle said...

You should be proud. It looks great Clare!!