Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the Season

I can't believe Christmas is in 2 weeks and a day! Over the weekend my Aunt Donna, Cousin Caitlin, my dad and I took the girls to see Santa. It went a bit better than last year as Anastasia didn't pout or cry! She still wasn't too sure about him. Isabel just enjoyed all the pretty decorations so she didn't mind Santa too much. Later that day we ended up going to the Fredericksburg Christmas parade which was entirely too long.... and very cold... and even snowing! Isabel was a bit fussy but stayed warm. Anastasia enjoyed it up until a point, and seeing as the end of the parade was no where in sight, we left as Anastasia had a meltdown. Poor kid. We have decided we won't try going for several more years.

We don't have a Christmas tree yet as it seems we have been busy or sick on the weekends. Now I don't even think getting one is a very good idea because we are going to Indiana in less than 2 weeks and there will be no one to water it for 6 days so I am thinking it will die completely. I am sad not to put all our ornaments up... but I think I am the only one who really would appreciate the sentiment. I did make Isabel a stocking though with her name embroidered on it. Thanks to my little house I made, I am no longer afraid of embroidery, nor do I dread the task. So I am looking forward to getting some ornaments embroidered this week!

We just recently started watching the tv show "Heroes" via Netflix' "Watch Instantly" feature. Now we are totally addicted!!! AHHH! It is kind of nice though because we all watch it together in the evenings and Anastasia and Isabel fall asleep right away almost, so it feels like a bit of quality grown-up together time. There isn't too much of that these days. I don't mind too much though :)Isabel in her Santa hat

Anastasia shopping at Ten Thousand Villages


Annie said...

What a darling coat!!! I soooo much miss our Ten Thousand Villages store. *sigh* And my employee discount... *double sigh*

Ben Hatke said...

What in the name of all that is good are those children sitting on?!? Some kind of read and white marshmallow man?