Monday, December 3, 2007

How I Feel About Santa...

I am so in love with her pout! AH! So we had a great holiday-style weekend. I have been fighting a cold... and felt better over the weekend but lost my voice. But that didn't stop me from having a jolly old time. Saturday we went to see Santa for the first time... and Anastasia went to him but then when I backed away to take this picture she had second thoughts (hence the pout)! She thought Rudolph was pretty cool though. We took a stroll through old town Fredericksburg (possibly my favorite old town of all) where we picked up some espresso and a hat from a great little consignment shop. We also found this awesome kitchen store with this candy castle in the window:

I totally recommend going downtown and seeing it up close... its stupendous! It is inspiring me to make a gingerbread house of awesomeness (or lack there of). We helped a friend decorate a tree and headed over to the Fredericksburg parade that lasted more than 2 hours! Anastasia loved all the marching bands and Christmas light covered floats and was given a bunch of mardi gras beads and candy (I guess cuteness counts for something)... so even though it was cold I had a cup of hot tea and a bundley baby to keep me warm. It was great!
Finally we finished off the day with a trip to Nick's Aikido party (he was at a siminar all day) which Anastasia could hardly stay awake for but charmed everyone in that special way that babies do. Sunday was a little more chill for us but involved a trip to DC for a church artifact sale (for Nick's job) and an estate sale and a quick drop by Guabe's house. It was quite a packed weekend which probably accounts for why I woke up feeling like crap this morning and took my dad up on an offer to take the baby errand-running with him so I could sleep it off. I want my voice back!!!

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