Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey, Pie, Espresso and Tea

....these are a few of my favorite things...

We had a very simple and completely relaxed Thanksgiving which made for one of the nicest Thanksgivings of all. It was just us, my parents, Andy, my aunt Donna, uncle Mark and cousin Caitlin which was perfect. Not too much... not too lame. I made two delicious pumpkin pies in successful (and even artistic) pie crusts! Woohoo! I also made a super yummy "Cinnamon, Cranberry and Almond tart" which was a huge hit for the Cranberry enthusiasts in the family. I think my cooking and baking skills have really refined themselves since I married Nick (my toughest critic) and I love cooking (and eating). My favorite response from Nick is, "you could serve that in a Cafe." That is the ultimate compliment. :)

Friday Nick took A. and I to Old Town Alexandria which "Black Friday" sales left somewhat empty. We toured the over-priced antique stores, a nifty toy shoppe, a artsy store with a table I want and our favorite, Coffee, Tea and Spice. Coffee, Tea and Spice is a little shop that has shelves overflowing with large glass jars brimming with loose teas and coffee beans. Other shelves house coffee and tea equipment. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fruity Christmas tea similar to one my friend sent me from Germany. This shop is definately a feast for the senses.

On a final note, Anastasia got her first bump yesterday. She slid on some papers and hit her head on a stump that sits in my parents living room. She screamed bloody murder and has a small line-like bump over her right eye brow. Poor kid. I feel so bad when things hurt her, because she is so used to a pain-free little life. I am sure this won't be the last of her bumps that come as we grow up... but it just serves as a little reminder of how the world changes as we grow older and become more independant. And perhaps as a reminder of how we are people who need a God who will never give us more than we can handle and who will see us through all the bumps in life.

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