Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

oooooh scary pumpkins.

The one on the right reads on the other side:

"This pumpkin is insured by glock."
Guess who carved that one?

The trick: Is it a baby dressed as a giraffe or a giraffe dressed as a baby?

The treat: whatever she is, she is the cutest and scored us a bucket full of candy! Hooray for chocolate! What a great holiday!

I have a terrible weakness for the Martha Stewart Magazine... I don't agree with her morals but I love her magazine. I get it from the library so I don't directly support her. This year's halloween issue was fantastic. There was an excellent section on pumpkin carving (inspiring my deranged cat pumpkin creation). I also made her most tasty gingerbread cookies and pumpkin ice cream (which turned out runny but devine). I also found a soup recipe in a book for pumkin-tomato bisque which was pretty good. So we had a Martha Stewart Halloween.

We also went with my aunt, cousin and her friends Trick-or-Treating. Anastasia and Leia both recieved many comments and enthusiasm. Most people were so tickled to see the baby that I didn't feel like a lame grown-up trying to get free candy... even though that is sort of the reality. Caitlin was a disco girl and I wore my Renaissance attire and Nick was Hagrid and Leia was a wolf. I forgot how much fun trick-or-treating is! Anastasia loved it! She had a ball playing with glow sticks and all the candy.

So that my friends was Halloween for the M Family.

P.S.--Silly Puddy, Slinky and Maglight flashlights are all also made in the U.S.A. (supposedly). Maglights are PROUDLY made in the USA and virtually indistructable. I have had my mini-maglight for over 5 years and it works great! So spend a little extra money and support kick-butt American flashlight makers.

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