Friday, October 26, 2007

Anastasia Puddle Duck

This rain feels so wonderful and refreshing. One of the best things to do in the rain is to go to Ikea. I went there last night on my way to the RCIA class I am taking where Nick works at Holy Family. I wanted inspiration. Each day this week I have took it upon myself to clean one room each day. My parents have heaps of junk and misplaced items. I never want to be like that. Ikea always inspires me to clean out excess "stuff" and their organizational items are so creative! I wasn't going to buy anything but A and I fell in love with a sheepskin from Argentina for $20. I picked out the softest one and A slept on it last night. Hooray for Ikea!
Today I went to the Library and Borders for some coffee as the house supply has run out. I have $6 in fines but I was told if I bring in 6 cans of food next month they will erase them. So now I need to find 6 cans of food for 50cents a piece so I get a good deal out of the deal and help starving people. Giant's sale rack, here I come!!
The best hang out place in the world would be a library with a Cafe in it. They would make a killing between fines and overpriced coffee! I would be there all the time. The public library system would probably be lame about it though and get a Starbucks cafe or just have really cheap, gross coffee. I still think it would be a great place to be on a rainy day like today. Oh, and I would add a neat play area for kids so that mom and dad could enjoy a cafe latte while children play in fun area. What could be better? Maybe when I am rich....
I had best be off to pick up Caitlin...

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