Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chef Clare

So I have been pretty ambitious in the kitchen lately. I have gotten several cook books from the library (even a doggie cook book) and have been trying heaps of new dishes. Tonight I am trying Anna's red pepper soup. Currently I am making the chicken stock which I have never done before and seeing as I don't have any celery, it may be chicken gone awry. Yesterday I tried making a minestroni soup with a home made vegetable stock and it turned out way too bean-y. Not really what I was expecting but it tasted good. I am definitely on a soup-kick.

I have been making things for Anastasia too and can get her to eat a healthy balanced lunch and that is all. She turns her nose up at breakfast and puckers her lips so nothing can get through. She loves avacados usually so I try and load her up with those and oatmeal at lunch and at dinner she won't eat anything unless it comes directly from my plate by means of my finger. So after cooking oatmeal, rice, pureeing all sorts of fruits and steaming veggies most of them end up in Leia's dish. And Anastasia gets Cheerios.

Speaking of Leia, she also gets a home-cooked meal. I have been making her stew with meat and lots of veggies to top her dog food and vitamins from the vet. They say dogs who eat people food live much longer (almost twice as long) as dogs on a store-bought diet. I do half and half now and with this cooler weather, Leia seems more vibrant than ever.

We didn't get the home we put an offer on this weekend, which is okay. With three competing offers I didn't think we had a chance and either way, it is the way it is meant to be. I look forward to our independence again though. Its pathetic when I get really excited about having my own shelf in the fridge and using my own plates and coffee mugs again. I guess this is my cross for now... and in the grand scheme of things my qualms are pretty small and insignificant. I constantly find myself needing grace and a spirit of gratefulness.


Annie said...

I have this friend who feeds her dog an all raw meat diet. I forget now how it works... I don't know if it's boneless chicken, or beef, or innards or what... but anyway, she swears by it, she said her dog never has bad breath anymore and is so healthy!

Clare said...

Thats pretty cool. I am glad there are other crazy dog people out there. I believe there is some truth to it being that people used to give their dogs their table scraps. Commercial food is usually the parts of animals that aren't fit for human consumption and loaded with hormones and other nastiness. The cheap food is generally made up mostly of corn which isn't all that healthy for man or beast.

Bridget said...

" I am definitely on a soup-kick."

Wow. I can't believe you said that! Lately, I have been all about making homemade chicken and rice and/or chicken noodle soup! Usually I am not one for making things from scratch, but I guess the cold weather makes for good soup weather, so I'm all about making soups. Friday night's chicken and rice soup went over well with ALL four kids! Michael even said it was the best soup of all time! Which is especially cool since Jason is usually master of amazing soups this time of year!

Anyway, Anastasia continues to get cuter and cuter! What an awesome Goddaughter we have!

Clare said...

haha THanks Bridget! We think she is pretty cute too... I can't imagine how it is for you having four cuties to gaze at all day long! Or should I say, chase after all day long? Yeah soup is awesome. Even Anastasia loves soup. I think it is definately a fall thing. :)