Saturday, December 3, 2011

Remember Me?

Its been ages hasn't it? Since I have written in this little space of the world wide web. Between broken cameras and computer issues, parties and craft shows, pumpkins and turkeys and everyday life with 3 littles I have slacked in my blogging. But I am back just in time for my most favorite time of the year! Since my last post, so much has happened:
Isabel turned THREE!
We were so ready for the "terrible twos" to be over, and we have embarked on the next year of our life with our crazy, funny, sweet Isabel. She never ceases to amaze us with her very quick wit, her great sense of humor, her budding imagination and how busy, busy, busy she is.
We celebrated with the only-ever STINKBUG BIRTHDAY PARTY!
We had a great big stink bug jamboree per Isabel's request! We had a stinkbug cake, decorations and antennas for all! And Isabel was the biggest stinker of all!!
Aren't we the best stink-bug family EVER?
We hiked at Lost River State Park...
where not all who wander are lost.
We had our first snow of the year....
just before halloween.
It was Beautiful.
Isabel was a cat for Halloween. And I mighty cute one.
Anastasia was a beautiful fairy.
Of course.
Kieran was the cutest owl in the world.
And he and Isabel had a boat.
They were the owl and the pussycat...
who went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.
Kieran turned one.
I can't believe he is one. One. He was only born a few months ago it seems.
He took his first step at 364 days old. Can you believe he has been around so long?
I can't.
I am starting to miss the peaceful, blissful infant he once was.
He hasn't taken many other steps. He is a pro-speed crawler.
I am okay with that.
He can stay my baby forever.
I did really well at a craft fair at the Washington Waldorf School.
I worked so hard.
And it was totally worth the effort.
And the next day my parents gave Kieran a nice party.
And I forgot to bring my camera.
Then we went to Indiana for Thanksgiving.
We went to Chicago and they lit up the zoo with magic.
It was very magical, beautiful and perfect.
We spent a couple of days in the windy city. The weather was perfect.
We visited Annie and Martin on our way out and it was GREAT.
We also enjoyed spending time with family.
We stuffed ourselves with turkey.
Then we stuffed ourselves with pizza.
And we stayed at hotel on our way back...
and Santa Claus happened to stay the night there too.
We met him at the contintental breakfast.
That was magical too.
I hope you are all having a beautiful, festive beginning of advent! I look forward to posting regularly again!


Annie said...

Good to see you back in Blogland! Your craft fair table looks completely adorable... just like your children! That picture of Kieran and the cupcake is beautiful!!

Clare said...

It is good to be back in Blogland! We had so much fun with you all. I wish we lived closer! :)