Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Brand New Year...

...and a whole new level of craziness begins. Isn't Isabel's "park" outfit the cutest thing in blogland right now? I love how ready she is for whatever adventure may come. Oh! And I made the net! Its fantastic right? We haven't actually caught anything in them yet... but they sure are cute (which is very important). I used the tutorial here (only I used cotton fabric instead of netting) and made them as favors for the stinkbug party. The girls use them more for carrying toys around.
We spent new years at my friend Tara's house down in Christiansburg. It was a 3-hour trip each way, but we had such a peaceful drive thanks to the car-dvd player system my parents gifted us for Christmas. I think it was for the girls, but I think Nick and I benefited the most due to the LACK OF WHINING the whole trip! Thanks Mom and Dad! Anyway, we spent new years eve making gingerbread houses and playing games. I had such a nice time reconnecting with our old friend. And our girls, and her boy ran around like crazy people. Good times!
Kieran is feeling much better, even if he is still a bit grumpy. Turns out he had Strep throat (which is caused by the same bacteria that causes Scarlet Fever)! Actually, shortly after my previous post, his temperature spiked to 104.5 and Nick took him to Urgent Care. They poked and prodded him, X-rayed him, took his urine in a very icky way, and then poked him several times unsuccessfully. I know they did their best, but they never looked in his mouth. I wouldn't be terribly angry about that, except Nick asked them if they were going to and the Dr. said it wasn't necessary. AND THEN when I joined them, I noticed him sticking his tongue out a lot and mentioned that he wasn't latching on while nursing, and seemed to be having a difficult time swallowing. I was thinking maybe he had some issues from his seizure, so Nick asked the doctor to look in his mouth, but he said it had nothing to do with what was wrong with him. So instead, we had to take him to the ER to get poked again! UGH. The next day we took him to our pediatrician (Dr. Hoebel who is AWESOME!!!) who asked right off the bat, "did he get a Strep test, because that is probably what it is!" And sure enough, he had a really bad case of Srep Throat. And of course the next day we all had it. So instead of champagne, we are starting our new year off with shots of pretty pink amoxicillin! Cheers!
I am so grateful it wasn't anything more serious after such a scare! And even though I often think living hundreds of years ago during a simpler time in history, would be so ideal, the reality is mothers lost their babies and children to things that seem simple to us today like Strep Throat. Even George Washington might have died of Strep Throat. I just feel so grateful for the same antibiotics and vaccines that often get a bad rep these days because I did not have to watch my baby die helplessly. Yes, we really do have it so good. And even though you can't see it in the picture above, Kieran is sleeping in our bed, on a huge pile of pillows, like the little pampered prince that he is. I love that boy. We are so blessed. :)

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Annie said...

Two things:
-I heard on the radio yesterday that the last case of Polio was one year ago, thus making it official (I think) that Polio is completely GONE FROM THE EARTH. Amazing, right?

-I forget the second thing. But I love your winter wonderland in the more recent post! I hope you see this!