Friday, January 20, 2012

Operation Occupy Toddler

You might not know it, because this boy is so darn cute, but he is a TON of trouble. Remember how I told you he plays in the ashes? Well I solved that problem, but now he opens the woodstove door WHILE THE FIRE IS BURNING!?!?!?! I guess that is a bit safer than his other hobby of unplugging anything that is plugged in, and sticking his fingers in the sockets!!! Who does that? My perfect-baby-turned-terrible-toddler, that is who. So I am trying to find safer hobbies made from things we already have for him:First I made him a reading nook with a stacker and some nesting bowls. I put mason jar bands on the stacker for him, because they are easier, and he likes throwing the bands. The bowls are too much for him too, so I usually just hand him 2 or 3 to stack and fill with things.
Putting toothpicks in the pepper flake jar. This has been a favorite of all my children, and he will do it over, and over, and over again.
If you try this, watch your baby so he doesn't poke himself. I guess non-pointy toothpicks would be a better option...
My friend Sharon gifted Kieran with this box of animal magnets. What a great toy these have been! He plays with them every day. I would say this was his favorite toy this Christmas.
Simple containers and lids are also a huge hit! I raided the girl's kitchen for these items. Any containers with lids that are easy to remove are a great idea!
And I put little surprises of varying shapes and textures inside. He played with this for about 3 days quite a bit. I need to find new shaped lids and containers, and try hiding new things inside.
A simple bottle and pom poms. He had a hard time shaking them out, but the girls enjoy making "fireworks" pop out of the bottle for him. Then he cleans up.
This was waaaay to hard for him, but Isabel loved it! I used leftover pipecleaners with pompoms on the ends. I think the pepper container might work better as the holes are bigger. He did enjoy pulling them out.
I don't think an explanation is needed. this was simple, and he liked it.
Mostly he liked the egg carton. And then he liked throwing the pom poms. He is a little crazy but we love him anyway.

***I was originally inspired by ideas in this post. And there are more HERE.

***Also, for those of you mom's of little ones who haven't read this article, you must read this blog post, "Don't Carpe Diem". This is one of the most encouraging articles I have read in a while. Because sometimes blogs can be such misleading little windows into people's lives. And it is easy to wonder why my own life feels so imperfect and so hard when other people make it look so easy and blissfull. ALL THE TIME. I feel better to know, I am not alone!

***I am waiting for Nick to come home so I can outrun this snow storm and get to my mom's tonight, so tomorrow we can take the girls to a Princess Party to meet some "real" princesses. Excited is an understatement of how to describe my girls.


Annie said...

Love your ideas!!!!!

Annie said...

Ok, I wasn't ready to post that... Martin must've done it. I was going to say: I love your ideas, please remind me of them again in about a year and a half!! The pepper flakes jar and toothpicks is brilliant. As was everything else. I have to hold onto these ideas in my brain!

Clare said...

haha, I will try to remember to tell you... but I will probably forget. :/ But you can do them now for your girls. My girls liked them as much as he did. haha. It is amazing what kind of brilliant ideas are awakened by moments of desperation!!! :)