Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kieran's pebble vest

A couple of warm, sunny weekends ago, I finished Kieran's pebble vest that I have been working on since September! I used the bulky Lamb's Pride yarn, and added a few stitches here and there. This is my favorite knitting pattern EVER because it is soooo easy, and so rewarding by how cute it looks on my little boy:
It is very warm and thick and turned out a little snug, meaning he might not wear it much because it will probably be to small by next fall. Ah well, I guess I will be making yet another one! This is the 2nd one I have made, but I lost the first one! It is NOWHERE to be found and I am sad indeed.
And it goes amazingly well with the Quick Change Trousers from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings book (which is my OTHER favorite pattern for boys.) I am starting to feel like I am majorly copying Soulemama because she makes the same pants, and same vests all the time! They are just so cute though, and every baby should have several of each for sure.
Too bad I am not perfect at photographing a very active toddler. Notice he is sitting next to the ashes, his favorite sensory medium! The Quick Change Trousers are easy and quick, and this pair I made him last year. I also have 2 more pairs cut out, 1 sewn, and fabric on the way for more. I might be a little obsessed...
But when you find something you like, why change it? :) Anyway, I am hoping to get some sewing done this afternoon and I have yarn on the way for more projects... if only my little ones would cooperate all the time! From the time I started this post, until now, my two littlests found a tub of Christmas balls and threw them all over the porch. And they were the breakable ones I have been saving for when my kids are older. So as you can imagine, I had to spend a good deal of time sweeping tiny shards of glass. Oh well. As a teenager I used to complain about being sooooooo booooooooored. Now I never have that problem. Its almost like revenge on myself for being so obnoxious at one time in my life. Knitting and sewing keeps me sane.


Annie said...

Okay, I haven't actually read your post, but I didn't realize from the previous sweater post pictures that this was a Pebble Vest. The day of that last post I had read on Soulemama that she'd made her daughter a Pebble Vest and I downloaded the pattern to make one in the fall for the new baby cause it's cute and looks pretty easy and I loooooove all the buttons. So funny!

But I promise I'll use different colors so our kids aren't completely matchy-matchy. Also... I have that mushroom fabric. I made beanbags out of it last fall. Lol.

Clare said...

LOL Well, if your baby is kind of a giant, maybe I will send you this one! LOL Because Kieran can't possibly fit in it next year. :) It is such an easy, kind of fast pattern and adding a few stitches and using bigger yarn makes it easy too adjust the size.

My mom gave me the mushroom fabric. I loved it every time I went to JoAnns... no clue what I am going to do with it. Probably pants... for Kieran! haha.

Annie said...

Pants in that fabric would be seriously cute paired with the vest! Better hurry before the weather warms up for good!