Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top O' the Morning to you my friends

I hope you are all wearin' o' the green this lucky Saturday. Today we are celebrating with my parents over some corned beef and cabbage, beer and baily's cake (something my dad picked up at a local bakery). I hope to finish up a knitting project between Etsy orders and I hope I can bribe my daughters with enough quarters and chocolate coins to clean up the entire container of crayons Kieran dropped on the floor.
A few weeks ago, I finished this cute French Press Cozy to keep my coffee hot while it is brewing. I found the pattern here. I am thinking of appliqueing something cute on it. I have been thinking squirrels drinking coffee would be ADORABLE but maybe a little extensive for applique. My cozy turned out a little loose, and I changed the buttons up a bit and looks pretty wonky under the handle (which I cleverly didn't show in the picture!).
So the other night Kieran didn't sleep much. He fussed all. night. long. At 5:30 am my very sweet husband volunteered to stay home and help out because I felt ill with lack of sleep. Later I had water, coffee and breakfast and was feeling much better. So instead of painting the kitchen (which we NEED to do) we went hiking. The drive was BEAUTIFUL... rolling hills, cozy homes, farms and creeks winding about.
We stopped for BBQ and had a little "taste of the South in our mouth"! We went to lower White Oak Canyon, a very, very beautiful trail that might just be our favorite. We didn't arrive to the trail until around 6pm and it began to grow dark before we made it to the lower falls. I did scope out some pretty pools in the creek that will make splendid wading pools and therefore we must go back this summer!
This may have been the most intense hike we have taken the kids on, and they did so well! I ended up carrying Isabel back in the beco. Nick had Kieran in the kelty, and he got soooooo freaked out when it got dark and screamed most of the way back. Anastasia hiked the entire rocky path, and didn't compain one bit! What a perfect hike!
Yesterday during Kieran's nap I did a bit of binge sewing while the girls played outside. I was able to finish more Quick Change Trousers which ended up being a disaster! I seriously tried to size them up a bit, and they ended up being like a 5t! Anastasia could have worn them and he looked like a clown! Since they are lined and reversible, it was a major pain deconstructing them and taking them in several inches. YES I SAID INCHES!! It was a nightmare. But they turned out as cute as ever, though the patch isn't as bit as normal. I also made the raglan shirt in the picture above. It is from a book I recently aquired called, Sewing For Boys and it took me less than an hour to make this shirt from start to finish!! It again, isn't perfect, I shortened it a little because I was being lazy and cheap and now it is a little too short. I tried to make the sleeves 3/4 length, but instead they look like long sleeves that are too short. Basically he looks like he is wearing his sister's giant pants all rolled up and a shirt that is waaaay to small. But he is adorable none the less and he will wear my creations. Always. Here is the reverse side and bottom patch that melts my heart:
I found all the pretty fabrics at Joanns of all places. I feel like most times I go in there and find nothing and then I found these pretty fresh quilting fabrics. And our Joann's employees let us use their bathroom now (with an escort.) No more gross Big Lots bathroom of doom!
And so I leave you with this, an Irish Blessing for St. Patricks Day and a picture of my shamrock that is 1 year old! It must have the luck o' the Irish to have survived from a pathetic $1 clearance plant to a happy, blooming shamrock on my windowsill.
May the road rise up to meet
you.May the wind always be at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your
face,and rains fall soft upon your fields.And until we meet
again,May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! :)


Annie said...

I hate to say it, but I HAVE to say it because it seems like it has been happening every day...... that green fabric on Kieran's pants? Yup. I have it. I bought it the same night I got the mushroom fabric and I made it into a bag. Martin laughed and said we really need to move in next door to each other in order to better lead our identical lives. lol.

Annie said...

P.S. I love your shamrock!! Your house looks so sunny and cheerful!

Clare said...

Haha, we really need to live next door to each other! It would be really fun... and maybe a little twilight-zone-esque when we do the same things and buy the same fabric! LOL. Thanks, I love my shamrock too! Mainly because I didn't kill it! :)

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