Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our yard has bloomed into a wonderland of flowers and bright green leaves. It has been so long since I have blogged it seems. As the trees busy them selves with flowers, I have busied myself with gnome-making. Easter orders this year were great, thank you all so much who ordered from my shop! There have been many nights of 3am crafting and watching Merlin... a new favorite show. Between sewing for the shop, and sewing for my girls, we have been playing outside.
And Kieran has discovered mud. I am so thankful for Burt's Bees babywash at the end of the day and how nice and clean he is for a little while. I wish if I can order buckets of it though. I also just started weaning this little biting, mama-chewing MONSTER of a child. He looks all cute and sweet, but lately he has been nothing but trouble! This is the second night that mama's milk buffet is "all gone" and after crying angrily for 15 minutes straight last night, it seems he has accepted his new fate... I hope. Only, I don't remember what life is like not nursing or being pregnant. Its been almost 6 years! Wow.
Excuse my daughter's weird facial expression, and turn your eyes to her skirt! I made this adorable patchwork skirt from this tutorial at the Polkadot Chair. I used Riley Blake's new "Woodland Tails" fabric from a charm pack and added some other random fabric to make 2 skirts. One for each girl. I would love to have taken a better picture, but I know if I waited to get one, this would never get posted. It was an easy skirt, but took more than one afternoon to make both skirts. I could see this looking awesome in pretty autumn tones as well.
Here is a good action shot at the River near my mom's house. It was 86 degrees that day... in March! We had such a great day at the river splashing around in the shallow water followed by Carl's Ice Cream. Spring is so sweet.
Kids and water is a beautiful thing. I am already itching for a trip to the beach and have loads of summer clothes on my to-do list for my cutie-pies. Unfortunately we are all sick with what I hope is just a cold that will be gone by Easter Sunday... Anyway, Kieran just woke up... better try and get him back to bed... sans nursing. Hope you are all having a perfect Spring too!


AJay said...

Ohh, Carl's ice cream!! How wonderful! I love that your girls love going in the water too. My mom watched my girls yesterday, and both of the girls ended up in the nearby creek. We need to have a visit soon...but to do it before or after the baby arrives is the question. :)

Love the shot of Kieran in the mud!

Clare said...

Yes we have to get together soon! I have a little package for your little bundle of joy! :) What is your due date again? The 13th?