Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainy Day Craftiness.

Today it rained. And it rained yesterday too. The girl's have been begging me to give their Waldorf dolls new hair, and I am so pleased that I spent my morning finishing Anastasia's (left). Last fall, Isabel threw her doll, that she once loved and carried everywhere, out the window. I found it days (weeks?) later after multiple rainy days, caked in dirt, leaves and growing a nice colony of mildew on her face. I was not happy. Anyway, fast forward to last week and she has a new doll practically.  I deconstructed her face and head and re-did them. Good as new! It is funny how oddly different the two dolls look now.  Their faces don't even look like the same species! ha! I also knit The brown-haired doll's sweater last month thanks to my friends who get together and craft at Starbucks each week.  I too easily forget about my knitting needles when I set them down somewhere.
 Last week, Isabel woke me one morning, begging for a doll (like her Nimble Thimble doll that the Easter bunny brought 2 years ago), with red hair, a purple dress and an acorn hat that she could name Isabel and play with forever. Well, who could refuse such an offer?  I would have gladly supported the lovely Danielle on Etsy, only her dolls are so hard to get ahold of these days.  So I tried my hand, and made something similar to delight my demanding 3-year old's heart.   
Yesterday we cleaned the house, so I was also able to get some pants made for Kieran today during his nap. I wish I could take a nap, and have new comfy, handmade clothes waiting for me when I woke up! haha! 
And as you can see, they work great for his new favorite thing to do.... washing dishes! These were the usual (is there any other pattern out there??)  Quick Change Trousers.  I will get better pictures on a sunny day because there will be a custom, made-to-order pair in my shop here shortly... along with matching somethings for little girls!

I can't take how stinkin' cute he is.  And speaking of cute, we have tiny new (temporary) members of our family:

2 little kittens!!!  I feel like an irresponsible pet owner for letting Kahlan get pregnant, but what punishment! They are so tiny and helpless and my daughters are in love.  It is so special to see the beauty of new life in the same spot where we loved our last cat out of this world a few months ago.  Sadly the first of three kittens died during birth or shortly after.  I missed it by minutes while hanging laundry!  It was so sad and I rubbed the kitten and tried to get the mucus out of its mouth and nose, and though it was warm and pink when I got to it, it just didn't make it. I am grateful that there weren't more, and am very pleased with our two little, fat, fuzzies.
They are 1 week old today and still haven't opened their eyes yet. They are currently named Clover and Buttercup. Named by Anastasia after I convinced her that one Anastasia and one Isabel are more than enough of for one household. If anyone wants a kitten, let me know! Kahlan is a very sweet kitty, and has been purring all day cuddled by her kittens' side.  But there are many moments she looks longingly outside... and I totally know how she feels.

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