Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Naptime Crafting and Gratuitous pictures of boy in cute pants

 So we had a beautiful day today.  We woke up and went to the park to meet a new friend who has a daughter who had a couple of febrile seizures just like Kieran.  A mutual friend hooked us up so we could talk about it, and at least feel like we have a little support system now, even if the doctors say it the seizures aren't harmful and they will grow out of it. Anyway, it was nice to meet someone who I liked right away, and it was obvious we have more in common than just children with frightening conditions. Actually, it was funny that she had on the same shoes as me, and her girls have the same shoes as my kids. It was very kindred-spiritish. We were meant to be friends, I am sure of it!
 And Kieran played so hard on the playground that he ate his entire lunch and fell asleep for almost 3 hours! How lucky is that? I was able to give the girls a snack, hang out laundry, clean a little AND make him 2 more raglan shirts from Sewing For Boys.  The one pictured above was actually made from an adult turtleneck that I picked up at a thrift shop.  I loved the hues of blue stipes and the weight of it.  And of course you know it needed a fox.  I actually traced an embroidered fox from my favorite onesie that he is too-quickly out-growing.  I am so pleased with this and it is so huge that it will likely fit him next fall and make a cozy Spring and Summer evening shirt right now. And the second is pictured here (don't ask why he looks so angry!):
 I used some mushroom fabric from the MODA "A Walk In the Woods" line which is where his fox pants "foxlets" fabric came from.  I LOVE this line of fabric!!! I can't wait to show you what I made for the girls!! And because I spent a good part of my afternoon chasing Kieran around to get a few good shots of his pants I finally posted my first pair of pants in my shop!! Hooray!
 Reversable, cute, and foxy.
 The butt patch just kills me every single time I see it.  I can't imagine my life with a boy without these sweet, sweet pants. After our little photo-shoot I filled the children's garden with 3 fresh bags of sand! It was so much fun making mini castles and buckets of sand soup.  Kieran is definitely ready for his very own bucket and shovel. After our sand bonanza, I made a quick stir fry, gave baths and after a story (okay, and an episode of Curious George which was Anastasia's reward for not screaming or squirming while I removed a very deep splinter), everyone is finally asleep in their little beds. 
 This picture was from yesterday:

I went out with a couple of friends to Starbucks to sit and knit, and chat.  I really look forward to my hour and a half date with girlfriends and my latte once a week!  It just so happened that 1 1/2 hours wasn't very long last night, and we went over to Target to shop as their Starbucks closes at 9pm too.  I mused to myself that you know your life has reached a certain level of perfection when walking through the baby section of Target with friends is way more fun than I remember shopping at those fine shops in Georgetown in my pre-baby days. :)   And when I came home after enjoying my time out, away from my family, I found everyone curled up asleep in my bed and I felt that my life was in that moment, perfect. :)

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