Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Its so strange how the years go by, at such an unrelenting pace.  You are 18 and carefree one moment, and you one day you wake up a husband and 3 kids later and you are 28 years old. What happened? Has it really been 10 years since my 18th birthday? And who are these tiny little people who drive me crazy and bring such joy all in the same moment? Oh yes. It has been 10 very good years.  Part of me is a bit weirded out that I am 2 short years from turning 30, and my 20's will be behind me. I feel like I need a "before I'm 30" bucket list or something.  The other part of me is grateful that I have made it so far with such a beautiful life.  Not everyone is so blessed in that way. May I live to 30, and beyond.
 Yesterday I was totally and completely pampered and spoiled.  My dear friend and neighbor Sharon broght me a jar of peonies, new earrings and some super yummy smelling body oil she made.  She really is the best neighbor EVER! :)  And my mom came over and brought lunch AND dinner. Not to mention a vase of flowers from her garden and some lovely gifts.  AND she took me shopping.
 After we had a very quick, yet productive shopping trip, we went to the Gardens at the Shenandoah Valley Museum.  It took forever to get accross town because of the Apple Blossom parade.  We did however meet the Apple Blossom Queen, who happened to be named Jasmine, and my daughters were truley beside themselves.
 I probably took 150 pictures of the garden. It was so perfect in beauty.  I loved the dragon breathing pansies.
 All was fine and dandy until the Garden Natzi came by. He yelled at me because Kieran put his foot in a tiny pool of water about 3 inches deep. "GET THAT KID OUT OF THE WATER!" oh. my. word. It was so sad that someone could have nothing better to do than yell at children enjoying nature. And we also were scolded for eating granola bars. Oops.  Anyway, it would have been a much nicer experience if he wasn't following us around waiting for us to break some other unposted rule.
 Other than that, my day was perfect.

And my sweet husband made his first cake.  I taught him how to make a cheesecake. It has raspberry swirls and turned out so delicious!  And even though my dad didn't come over, he sent along some trick candles for me to blow out. Thanks Dad! Nick gave me a bag of bath goodies and chocolate so I had a very long, hot (QUIET!!!) bubble bath at the end of the day. So yes I was totally spoiled with a very nice day spent with the ones I love most. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day. Glad you enjoyed the cake and all the goodies.


John said...

This is a very beautiful article :) Happy Belated Birthday

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Mrs. H. said...

(this is Annie on my mom's computer...)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you had such a great day with your super duper adorable family! (I loooooooove the picture of the three kids. SO. PERFECT.)

And time passing so quickly freaks me out too.