Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day at the park...

As if I haven't been spoiled enough lately, my mom and dad bought us season passes to Busch Gardens.  We went for the first time last Friday and it was a blast!  The girls couldn't believe we could go on as many rides as we wanted... unlike at the mall! haha. And Kieran rode his very first ride and many others.  I was soooo happy they allowed him on so many rides at 18 months.  Everyone had a total blast.

I didn't bring my nice camera, and let me tell you, my Craigslist Elixim worked, but I really missed my Nikon. I was happy to get a few decent pictures from the day. I missed getting one of Anastasia by her FIRST ROLLERCOASTER EVER!! There were no lines and no time to think about riding the coaster so we hopped right on.  Isabel was sad that she was too little.  Let me tell you, it was a rough ride and Anastasia's face was one of sheer surprise and terror!  I was totally taken back to when I was a kid, terrified of coasters.  I was still completely proud of how brave she was, though it might be a long time before she ever rides one again!  Isabel on the other hand... she will probably be my Coaster buddy. She is such a little daredevil!

 Also, I think it should be mentioned (because if you call the park they don't "offer the information") that preschoolers (5 and under) who are Virginia residents can get in for free.  Both girls and Kieran (who is also free) got free passes for the year (after my mom had a few friendly discussions with customer service after already purchasing passes for them... ha.).  You just have to bring their birth certificate... or a copy of it.
 So they have this Sesame Forest at Busch Gardens which was the highlight for the kids.  It is a bit amusing because my kids don't really care for Sesame Street... or they didn't until they met the characters! :) Now its all over! At Target yesterday they had to have Elmo bubble bath... which they picked over the PRINCESS BUBBLEBATH. That my friends is a miracle in itself. I think they were perplexed though that the bubble bath didn't come out looking like Elmo... or turning the water red. Marketing to children can be soooo dissapointing.
  Overall we had a perfect day with little crowds and no lines. We watched the show "Entwined" and it was really fun! All the kids LOVED it!  It was a musical involving storybook characters... Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel and they had the most adorable acrobats dressed up as gnomes!! Right up my alley for sure! And the kids too of course.   I also rode Appollo's Chariot... the first roller coaster I have been on in over 10 years. Oh my was it scary going up that 200 foot hill.  But then it was sooooo much fuuuun!  I guess I still can stomach those things.

And in case you haven't seen them yet... I put some new "Little Red Riding Hood" skirts in my shop! They are made from the same fabric line as the fox/big bad wolf pants and would make sweet sibling outfits. :)  They have been my most complimented clothing on my girls, as well as their most worn skirts! Anyway, enjoy your week!

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