Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Packed and waiting...

I am all packed and ready, made some yummy juice and bean salad, have little bags of goodies lined up for the kids, DVD player is fixed so we are ready for a little trip to the beach this week!  Sadly, "scattered showers and thunderstorms" are in the forecast for the whole trip, which is why we are not camping. Instead we are staying in a little cabin with my parents for a couple nights! I am praying for good weather.  Now I am up waiting for my toenails to dry... I ALMOST FORGOT TO PAINT MY NAILS!!! Isn't that like automatic beach bad luck? I think the real bad luck will come in the morning when the girls see my sparkly red nails and are beside themselves that we won't have time to paint theirs. Oh well.  I am sure they will forget their woes as soon as we put on "Totoro" and head off towards the (hopefully) sunny seaside!

Do you like the retro feel of this post?  I have really enjoyed watching movies from the 50s and 60s.  Lately I have been really into Marilyn Monroe movies.... and just her style. All the styles, and the feel of a bygone era, so fashionable and innocent. Annnnd I found the perfect swimsuit to match:

 What is so great about this swimsuit is that it is very retro, and doesn't look HORRIBLE on me. So that is a plus. It is from Mod Cloth and is amazing like everything they sell (look at THESE). So next time you need a Christmas gift for me, just go on their website and buy anything and I will love it. :) hehe.

And another quick item that I LOVE are theses shovels and pails for the kiddos: 
 They are from Green toys and the most durable and ever lasting sand toys I have ever seen. Plus they are made from plastic milk jugs.  They are also great for observing turtles and carrying home frog eggs as we learned last week! And our little eggs are slowly hatching! Hooray! Hopefully when we get back we will have a whole bunch of baby tadpoles! 

Anyway, these items are all packed up, my toenails are dry, so I better get some sleep before the looooong drive! :)

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