Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Soupy.

Things are calming down around here, mainly because we all came down with a cold. On Friday evening, the girls and I came down with runny, sneezy noses within an hour of each other. Poor Isabel has been sacked the hardest, battling a fever last night, and a bit today. I was hoping today we would all be well, that the girls could run around outside in their party dresses for me to photograph, that I would be taking pictures of some new things for my shop, and that I would have finished all my custom orders, and would be making a baby quilt. Instead I am tending to all my sicklings, including Nick who is home sick on this overcast Monday. Thankfully I am feeling much better today, and able to handle all the tea and soup making and little -feverish-child snuggling required of a mama. Until we are better... have a lovely week! :)

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Annie said...

Got your package yesterday! Hugs to you and all your sickies.... I'll write you back a proper thank-you very soon!