Friday, October 1, 2010

A Series of WIPs

Painting, Stitching, Knitting, Sewing, Glueing, Pasting, Planning, Sketching. I feel as though my life is a series of "works in progress" right now. My entire house is reflective of all the incompleted projects coming together over the next week. The above picture is the top of my microwave: painted stools, tables and mushrooms ready to be sanded a bit and packaged into little sets.
My once-clean sewing room is littered with fabric and trims, scissors, glue and pins as I am cutting up and sewing "Tweet" dresses for Isabel's birthday this Sunday. I am dreaming of finishing them, and little doll dresses in coordinating colors, and possibly a birthday crown? I am so over-ambitious which is probably the reason most of my works are only "in progress" these days. I think I need a maid and some employees who work for free.

These watercolored apples and number "2" in all their blurriness are sitting beside my kitchen sink. The apples are for the "Festival of Leaves" and I am hoping to find away to stand that 2 on top of Isabel's cake... WITH a bird on top. Hmmm:

I sketched out my cake idea... and its amazing. BUT I am not a cake decorator. Its not my talent or gift or even something I really love. My best laid plans get completely smothered by icing of the wrong consistancy... cakes that fall apart, and flowers that are usually funny looking blobs. I hope THIS TUTORIAL helps me a bit. A multitude of sins is covered by a few spoonfuls of buttercream frosting. That is why I make cakes. For buttercream frosting. YUM. And the decorations have been bought... Now just to figure out a nice centerpiece! Unfinished bird houses, mossy rocks (super cute from the $ store!!), spanish moss, felted birds, and leaves! oh my! I set them out on the kids table hoping they will have fun with them while I sew... which is really what I should be doing right now...

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