Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do you remember playing with buttons as a child? I remember my mom had this big round tin of buttons and it was like opening a treasure chest! I picked up some little pill boxes for each girl and gave them a scoop of buttons to examine, sort, and play with. I remember some friends of mine had button collections and I am thinking of starting some for the girls. It seems like a simple little pleasure to hand out a couple buttons for a job well done or to find a small pouch of buttons in a stocking on Christmas morning. Either way, the girls enjoyed playing with buttons for an hour or so while I got some sewing done yesterday.
I cleaned most of my craft room this weekend and brought the girl's table in so they can do their own crafts like Mommy. Since I have less than 2 weeks before the Festival of Leaves, I have a lot of crafty cramming to do and I thought this might make my life easier and their lives more interesting. Now they can paint, play with buttons, do puzzles, glue, cut, etc. right next to me! I just started putting together a little toddler sewing basket. Check out this great one HERE. Its fun to share my creative passions with my children and bestow on them the same love for all things crafty while working on little gnomes and things for my shop!
Well, I have goats to move to the woods and diapers to hang on the line before I start some more "crafty cramming". Please share any open-ended craft projects you do with your children!! I hope to have 3 projects lined up each day for them while I work. :)

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