Saturday, September 18, 2010

We have been terribly busy. Maybe you guessed that already, but really, I try to simplify my life but it seems that things are starting to snowball instead! Last week though, Anastasia spent the night at my mom's house, and we met afterwards at the Glen Burnie Gardens in Winchester. It is such a magical garden with waterways and fountains everywhere. And look, I am getting big!!!
Its hard to believe how fast this pregnancy is going, but I am getting to that big-uncomfortable-always-tired-yet-nesty phase. 2 Months left. I could use about 4 months at this point. But I can't wait to meet the little guy, and see his sweet face. He is possibly the most active in-womb of the 3 and I have had the worst heartburn as well. Not sure what all that means, except that he is a happy, little, living baby, and pepcid is my pill of choice these days. Nick and my brother were both big baby boys... so I wonder if I should expect the same of this little guy. So many unknowns, and so little time left to wonder!

I have been working a lot on custom orders lately, which is great!! I just hope I have time to stock a bunch of items for the Festival of Leaves that is in 3 weeks!!! I finished Anastasia's waldorf doll... and I will post pictures, I promise... when she gets some clothes. I have 3 patterns, including a princess pattern (thanks Wendy!!!!) so that is no longer my excuse for naked dolls. This is the first doll Anastasia has really liked and played with... and Isabel drags hers EVERYWHERE... almost as much as her blankie. :)

Anastasia's recap of the garden: "We went to the garden with Monie and saw the fish and toads in the water." Actually we did see some frogs, and even as big and pregnant as I am, it was nice to know I haven't lost my frog-catching skills from my younger years:

He didn't stand a chance. :) Now... back to those orders...

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