Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm back... sort of...

We were off in Myrtle Beach for several days and arrived home Saturday night! I can't seem to find my camera cord to upload photos... and Nick took my camera on a field trip to his work today. So no pictures to post of things like the pretty ocean, Anastasia's new doll, Tigers we saw on our trip and everything else that I rely on my cute little red camera for capturing for me! Thankfully Hurricane Earl completely missed us! We got some really big waves and a lot of wind the first day, but everything calmed down a bit the rest of the week. We all loved the ocean and its been a bit tough being home, away from the calming lull of the sea. But the dog, goats and chickens seem happy to have us back! Well, I have some Etsy orders to prepare and package up! I hope you all had a great last bit of summer!

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