Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to Nature Dresses

I remember the excitement of going back to school and picking out a few new outfits and the smell of brand new pencils and crayons. I was completely inspired by the sudden shift in the weather to make the girls some new dresses on a bit of a whim yesterday. Since they aren't going to school anytime soon, I decided to name them "back to nature dresses" because after weeks of unending, severe heat I plan to enjoy the crisper weather outside this fall. Meanwhile, all the other kids will be sitting in the classroom. I find photographing clothes on kids, and just my children in general to be rather difficult as they are often busy little girls not always wanting to humor their mother. But I did get enough to give you an idea of how cute these dresses are.

The dresses turned out a bit big, and a little funny in spots because I did them without instruction or complete pattern. I combined the Portabello Pixie "Claire" apron dress bottom, with a modified version of the Feliz Party dress top from a book I have, "Sewing Clothes Kids Love". (It is a very, very inspiring book by the way!!) I made a lace-up back to make sure there was room for getting on and off, and growing. And they twirl, which is a must for any princess.

I have had these dresses brewing in my mind for months now, and was originally planning a spring version. Summer went by so fast, and we were blessed with so many summer hand-me-downs and dresses that I didn't really NEED any more summer clothes. Then the jumper idea came to mind as they work on their own for these last hot days and over a shirt for the cooler days of the coming seasons.
The girls were so happy to wear them today, which of course makes my heart swell! Now on the agenda is Anastasia's doll, and coordinating dolly dresses.
I made them for playing, and getting dirty, and being girls all at the same time. That is why everything is lined and I used a nice thick layer of corduroy for the skirt. Sadly, there are no pockets, but treasure pouches are on the sewing list as well.

I hope time allows for a few more moments of fall-inspired sewing. Because autumn is almost here and I can feel it! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,

As for the pockets, I thought I would let you know one of my mom's creations. You know the puzzles for young kids with like 4 pieces in them? Well, we had one that was different leaf shapes and my mom took one of the leaf puzzle pieces and cut material to make a pocket on a dress with flowers on it. Pockets can be added to anything.

Hope this inspires some more great ideas for you.

Aunt Shirley

Clare said...

Thanks for the idea! I just wouldn't know where to put a pocket... on the apron, under it, or on the side of the dress. Hmmm. :) Sounds like Grandma's pockets were really cute! :)