Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall bug.

I have a really cool and crafty friend now who lives down the street from us. They moved in last year and we just met them a few weeks ago. She asked me if I want to share a booth with her at the Festival of Leaves, and a Waldorf school bizarre this fall. I said yes! And now, I am crafting like crazy (um, as usual) to get some little things made!!!
I thought some gnomes in little leaf bed pouches would be sweet! And I just put some in the shop too! I think I will wear one all fall. It is always nice to have a little friend around. Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with fall. Summer this year was TOO HOT and too short. We couldn't play outside much because it was 100 degrees everyday practically. I am ready for the coolness of fall. I am not ready for what follows fall. Holidays. Cold. Winter. JANUARY. ugh. I am not ready for another baby... who cries, and has needs (other than kicking me in the bladder), I have too much to do to pause life and soak up a newborn and fall in love all over again. I mean really.... how much can I cram into these next 3 months before my life kind of stops and I enjoy the things that matter most. All I know, is its going to be a busy few months... but the payoff, and the cute little bundle that follows will be absolutely worth it! :)
Now if only I could get a little sleep....
And PS- if you are looking for something from my shop, or have a custom order, or want to do a trade before the holidays, please let me know soon. I don't know what I will have time for as it Christmas gets closer and I spend most of my hours snuggling a newborn!

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