Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hooded Characters

I promise my blog will not be completely devoted to cute baby boy clothes from now until November.... well, I kind of promise. Last week I started and finished this super sweet "Baby In the Hood" jacket from Anna Maria's Handmade Beginnings. I hope you aren't sick of me talking about this book, but it is like therapy for crazy, nesty, pregnant me.

I used SEI Play Day fabric, available at Hawthorne Threads and lined it with cotton knit from the clearance isle at Joann's. So its soft and cute and a little bit warm! The pattern wasn't hard, but there were a few confusing parts even for me... but I figured it all out. It was quite time consuming, but seeing as it is sized 0-6 months, I hopefully won't need to make another until Spring. One can hope anyway. I also made these very cute, very uneven shoes:

I used Martha Stewart's pattern (available here) and modified it a bit so it looked less girlie. No one will notice the crookedness right? They will be too focused on his little yawns and coos and other baby cutenesses. Between flea market finds, yard sale scores, hand me-downs and handmade items, this little boy is going to have a stellar wardrobe! Its amazing how short of a time they stay in these little things. Yet my champion spit-uppers mean 8 outfits a day so its good to have a nice collection.
And meet Little Red and BB Wolf. They just made an appearance in my shop with their storybook box. Here at ClareCorner, cuteness abounds. I daresay. Happy Weekend everyone!

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Jen said...

I love the things you have made!! All of them!!!!!!