Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Tale of Blood and Ice Cream

Thursday was supposed to be a fun day with Monie (my mom). I was going to drop the girls off with my mom at the park, go to my OB appointment, and then head to the waterpark for the rest of the day. As I was getting dressed though, Isabel was jumping head-first off of my bed while Anastasia opened and shut my dresser drawers and pulled clothes off the hangers in the closet. I was worried someone was going to get hurt so I kicked them out of my room. I shut the door and Isabel started screaming! I opened the door, realizing she must have caught her finger in the hinge-side of the bedroom door. Then there was blood. And lots of it. So I ran her to the kitchen, grabbed a towel and held it on her finger as she wailed. After a few minutes I took a look at the wound and found her fingertip had mostly been cut off and I could see inside her finger.... NOT GOOD AT ALL. The bleeding had slowed, I bandaged it up with some guaze and tape and got her changed and dressed, finished dressing myself, grabbed some food (A MUST HAVE!) and a jar of iced coffee and loaded the kids in the van. I called Nick and my mom, and cancelled my appointment. and headed to the ER.
A couple hours later we found that she had a fractured finger, and didn't (thankfully) need stitches because of the fracture right at the tip. She just got a nice bandage, and some drugs. The doctor recommended I give her codine to help with the pain and get her to sleep. Instead of making her sleep, she went crazy! It made her hyper and druggy. It was the WORST combo for our already clumsy girl. So we loaded her in the van and got some ice cream. She finally took a nap after we got home, 3 hours later! I also gave her the doll I made for her birthday because she definately needed a friend.

All seems to be healing well, and with some ibuprophen she seems to be doing okay with the pain. At her re-check she got a pretty pink bandage with purple hearts. If only she were 6 it would be really cool to show off to her friends. Right now it is cute in a pathetic sort of way. Poor baby. I am thinking with all these injuries she will be a pro with this medical stuff by the time she is 18, and become a very successful doctor. All I know is that she is one tough little girl and will be successful at whatever she does. It takes her no time at all to get back into trouble!


softearthart said...

Oh the poor wee dear, you must have had a fright. cheers Marie

Clare said...

It was quite a fright! She is doing much better now though! :)