Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"On The Go-veralls"

Thanks to being sick, and watching some old classic movies with the girls, I finished up my first knitting project in over 2 years!!! I might have been the last person EVER to discover the greatness of Ravelry. I mean, I have known about Ravelry and what it was but I finally joined, downloaded the free "On The Go-veralls" pattern and now I am completely hooked!
I made it in the 0-6 month size with Patton's Classic Wool that has been sitting around unused for over 2 years. I ended up running out of what I had, so I had to go buy a second ball. It is probably the nicest yarn I have worked with because it is soft (for wool) and smooth to knit with. The evenness of the wool made it perfect since I still consider myself a beginner. It took me less than a week and was pretty easy even though I lost count a few times (oops) and one cuff is a tad longer than the other. I am not sure you will be able to tell when they are all bunched up on a tiny baby! I think little boys in knits are just about is darling as can be!
I love these so much, I am thinking of knitting up another pair in red or brown... and I have so many more projects I found to knit too... I think, and really hope, I am becoming addicted to knitting. I have to admit, I am usually afraid of knitting because it takes so. darn. long. But, I am trying to be more patient, and knitting seems to go right along with that.

Knitting little baby things is nice because everything is so tiny! :) We have also become addicted to Legend of the Seeker so it is nice to have something mindless and productive to do while watching my new favorite show on Netflix WI. Whats great is that Nick and I can actually agree on this show, and its awesomeness. And I really wish we could walk around dressed like Richard and Kahlan: Clothes are so boring these days. Maybe Anastasia has it right wearing dresses that twirl all the time.


Kelly said...

Those little overalls are absolutely the best!!! You did such a great job and that color is perfect.

Clare said...

Thank you so much Kelly!! I really love them too! :) Have you made any overalls for your boys? They make them in larger sizes, I was thinking I will be making bigger ones in the future.

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Those are adorable! You're right that you aren't going to see any imperfections when they are on a tiny, cute baby! I love Ravelry, so much inspiration and fun, even though I'm a terrible knitter and only a so-so crocheter. Inspires you to practice more.

Clare said...

Hi Tina! Thanks! I am addicted to Ravelry now!!! And it is so inspiring! Keep with it... I have been knitting for like 4 years, and I only now feel okay about my work! And nice yarn helps too!

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