Friday, August 27, 2010

Confessions of a long lost blogger...

My camera was missing. I finally found it. Its not an excuse... just an influence on my lack of posting. We have been busy. Nick has been working late a lot. I have been SO TIRED in those in-between moments where I usually write or read blogs. I can't remember ever being so tired. I am sure I have been more tired and less sick with this little boy than with my girls. Of course, I am also taking care of 2 little, crazy, girls while growing a little boy, and that my friends is hard work. Its hard for me to just be happy growing a baby when I am too tired for everything else and there is SO MUCH else to do.

Isabel's finger was looking so good except for her black nail. Anastasia accidentally took care of the black nail by practically RIPPING IT OFF about an hour ago. Screaming followed. I did surgery with some clippers. There were two dolls in need of surgery too. I gave the dolls a few stitches and they are as good as new.

Anastasia currently wants to be Belle for Halloween because she "has perfect hair to be Belle". She still wants a red bow like Snow White. Oh, and she wants a doll like Isabel's doll. Except with bright red hair. Halloween and dolls and princesses are a hot topic around these parts.

The dog has fleas and is quarantined. She is not happy about it. And our floors get so gross with out her cleaning them up. Our chickens are cooped up... literally. Our neighbors that our chickens adopted just put new concrete down in their beautiful, new porch. Our chickens generally leave "presents" wherever they go, and that wouldn't look so nice in the new concrete. PLUS they tore up my entire fall garden a few days ago. (What little I felt like planting!) So they are getting a nice "aviary" type cage. Goodbye free range. The goats are eating up our forest and its great. We have a nice path to the creek bed. Maybe if we get lots of rain we can play in the creek this fall.

Well its just about bedtime and I hope to finish some dresses for my sweet little ones when they sleep... so I will actually have something interesting to post! Tata for now! :)

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