Monday, August 9, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday we took a small trip to Cacapon State Park in West Virginia. It was only an hour's drive and the beauty of the forest was just what we were searching for on our little adventure. We took a small hike and enjoyed the playground a bit. Had we been prepared, there was a very pretty (and crowded) lake for swimming or paddle boating. Definitely worth the trip!
Isabel chose her own outfit from a box of sweet clothes our neighbor gave her, and it was absolutely perfect for a little woodland walk. She looks like a little Child of the Forest. :) Of course, half-way down the half-mile trail, she decided she needed a "bopbop" and refused to move until she got it. We had no clue what she wanted, and Nick asked Anastasia who explained her sister wanted a juice box... which we did not have. So we stuffed her in the Beco and walked on with screaming toddler in tow. We let her out again later and she was a little happier. She was the last to get hit with the cold, and she wasn't feeling the greatest so I think that was part of it.
The path was loaded with luscious patches of green moss and acorns which my little forest sprites happily gathered. We definitely need some nature pouches for all. Half of our walk was picking up dropped acorns.
Anastasia found a pine cone on a stick, and declared it her magic wand. She went skipping down the trail spreading magic to the forest creatures. The fairies bring her magic every night while she sleeps, so she says. :)

After our trip to the park and some milkshakes we went into the town of Berkley Springs to fill our jugs and large containers with spring water. We usually go to a local spring but because we were so close to Berkley Springs, we figured we would get our water there. It was great because the little State Park in the middle of town has little pools and canals of water perfect for little children who want to wade. One pool was the perfect size for cooling off in with some climbing rocks and a sandy bottom, perfect for little feet. This was possibly the highlight of the trip and Anastasia built sand "castles" and watched older boys catch minnows and crayfish. Isabel just splashed about in the cool water as the evening sun set in the sky. :)


Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

That looks lovely. Love the little red knit cap! These are fun treasure pouches from Wee Folk Art.

Clare said...

Those pouches are perfect!! Thanks for sharing the link! Defiantely going to make something like them. :)