Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Beach

So I finally have my camera, and cord, and a moment to upload a couple pictures!! We had such a great time at Myrtle Beach, camping with my parents and brother who flew out from Montana. The girls fell in love with the ocean. Even Isabel, who hated the water when we went to the Chesapeake Bay earlier this year:
And the salt water seemed to really heal up her finger! It was so soothing I can see why it was common to go to the ocean to cure your illnesses back in the day! I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in quite a while, so it was neat to experience it all over again. There is so much to do there with children aside from the beach, but we really spent most of our time at the beach or at our campsite. The first two days the wind was really strong and the waves were rather large due hurricane Earl. Here is a family shot that was the best we could get:

Notice my big belly, and the palm tree at my parent's campsite. My parents also had a visit from a raccoon who ran off with my dad's box of grits the first night (I think he was doing us a favor really)! So camping with toddlers isn't so bad... especially if grandparents are around to help out! :) Camping while pregnant, well thats a different story, but overall I did okay. It was hard not to have as much energy as usual... another good reason to have grandparents around! The girls were remarkably good overall, and slept for about 4 hours on the way home.

It was a little difficult coming home, having to unpack and do 9 LOADS OF LAUNDRY. Yes. 9 loads. We could have used one more day at the beach enjoying the sunshine and waves. Oh, and see the older ladies chatting in their little chairs by the sea:
Well, they were sitting all peacefully when suddenly a huge wave came and soaked them, knocking one lady over in her chair. It was the funniest thing!
I hope baby #3 will like camping, and the beach, and long car rides so we can return next summer! And I also hope someone donates a pop-up camper to our family..... because that would be so much more comfy than an air mattress in a tent. A lot can happen in one year... especially when you have wee ones. All I know, is when the air turns warm again and the days grow long... I will want to be by the sea yet again.

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