Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Going Ons...

Oh isn't he beautiful? My littlest Saint. He was baptised on Sunday and there is something about a baby dressed in white recieving his first sacrament. Oh he was handsome. and can for a moment I pause and love him to pieces before he grows up... because someday he will have big manly feet. And I will miss the kissable baby toes and this picture will make me cry. He is 16 pounds at 2 months and demands to be held, and rocked and loved ALL the time. He is such a sweetie with all his drooly smiles. Last week Nick's parents came to visit. We had all kinds of adventures, including my own misadventure with a nasty case of food poisoning. Thankfully Isabel and I were the only ones who suffered and we are much better now! I will be thinking twice before ordering beef out again. We visited Monticello (which we called a castle to keep the girls interested) and Gettysburg and several other spots. As nice as it is to have company and not do much cooking or cleaning for a week, its just as nice to get back to normal life. But today was far from normal as my eldest turned 4!
She is growing into quite the Princess! And the snow fairies brought her quite a bit of snow for her birthday! I finished projects, and a very un-blogworthy cake in time for a small family celebration on her very-birthday. I have to say my firstborn has really become a little girl, leaving behind much of the toddler she was a year ago. As you can see, her felt crown and princess dress were quite a hit. I kept things very simple... and Anastasia was very greatful for her gifts. As I was putting Kieran to bed she snuck into my room and hugged and kissed me and said, "Mommy, I love you, and thank you so much for my gifts." So sweet and unprompted, I do indeed have the lovliest princess of a daughter. :) And she has offered for me to come live in her castle with her prince, and her 5 babies where she will take care of me and wash all the dishes. Am I blessed or what? I do believe so. Even in the moments that I can't see the blessings surrounding me.
I hope you are all keeping cozy and enjoying the love and laughter of those you love most.

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