Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 Days of Gratefulness

(photo taken by my talented friend)
Its been a busy winter. Most of the business taking the form of three little cutie pies. Babies are especially cute and especially more work. And lent began yesterday. What did you give up or decide to do for the next 39 days?? I have given up Facebook except once a day, and am trying to give up more of my leisurely internet time and trading it for quality time with my children. Its hard when I am stuck at home for days on end... with no one to talk to. The internet keeps me connected and in the loop. Maybe I should write more letters or make more phone calls. Or visit more friends. Maybe. But more important than what I gave up, is one small thing I want to do. I want to list 10 things each day of lent I am grateful for. 10 new things each day so that by Easter I will have a list of 400 things that I am grateful for. I forget all these little things that are such an integral part of my life and happiness when I focus on the "have-not's" and wants.
So today (I am a day late) I am listing 20. Last lent was an especially trying lent (I guess it is supposed to be like that). I found out that I was pregnant with Kieran, and being that I was trying fairly hard at that time not to get pregnant, I had a pretty wide range of mixed emotions. Of course 1 year later, the real live Kieran is in my arms and I couldn't be happier! So, I start my list with Kieran.
1. Kieran.
2. His sisters of course. :)
3. And my husband most importantly (and without him, I wouldn't have the above things to be grateful for!).
4. cloth diapers with owls on them (see above picture on handsome model)!
5. Washing machine (for washing diapers and the other 2 loads of laundry I do each day.)
6. Tide original powder (for cleaning my diapers like no other.)
7. Honey for tea when we are sick (the 9 bees that I have found in my house today... not so great)
8. EGGS!!!! (3-9 per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

9. my sweet, sweet (dumb) hens. And Anastasia's tender love for them.
10. my goats that I am selling.
11. my sweet, crafty neighbor who is buying them.
12. my smelly, wet, dog. (wish the smell was not part of the deal!)
13. Naptime. (This should count for 30 grateful things. I LOVE naptime even when its on the kitchen floor). lol.

14. rain (even though I am soaked from dragging the smelly, wet dog inside).
15. Sesame Street (on days with lots of rain like this one.)
16. Hide and Seek (the girls just learned this game today!!)
17. Umbrellas and rainboots, (it was so fun to play in the mud for a little while.)
18. Princesses (only because Anastasia loves them so much.)
19. Sunglasses. And sunglasses on princesses on a rainy day.
20. Toddlerhood. (and the fact that it only happens once in a lifetime!) haha.

What are you grateful for today? There are so many little things that make our life beautiful. Its so easy to overlook them in the midst of the chaos. :)


AJay said...

I love this post!! Not only is the a super cute picture of my godson in owl diapers, but your list is just AWESOME!! I'm trying to do the "spend more quality time with my toddlers" as well. I'll let you know how I do. How about next week I come up for a visit? I mean a real visit, not a "would you please watch my kids so I can go to work" kind of visit. :) I'll call you this weekend to see if we can set something up.

Hugs to all of the members of your adorable family!

Sarah said...

Hey Clare,

Good idea! 10 things to be thankful for a day is something I may adopt too.

I'm giving up coffee for one thing and definitely wanting to do more stuff with my kids. I know about the internet. It's hard to resist it when you're at home all the time.

Love your post!


Clare said...

Thanks!! :) I look forward to hopefully seeing Both of you soon!!! Everyone shouls have a list!!! :)