Saturday, March 26, 2011


Did you think I fell off a cliff or something?? Its been a couple weeks! I am still here! We have been busy (when am I not?) and we got sacked with the tummy bug of doom the past few days. Its been bad. Real bad. As in worst. diaper. ever. bad. And "Isabel throwed-up on my alphabet book" bad. But a little gingerale and pepto and lots of snuggling and naps and we seem to be getting over it. And isn't my baby ADORABLE? He really got extra cute this week. Or maybe he seems like it after the very UNCUTE things I have been dealing with. Oh, and speaking of cuteness...... I can hardly begin to describe how cute baby goats are!!! We sold the sweet goats to our neighbor, and visited the fresh babies today. I could have died. Nick is glad they made it to their new home before the kids came, or you can bet I would have never parted with them. Good thing I have a baby to squish and cuddle, because I really want to sneak over to Sharon's house and squish her baby goats. And I don't thing ANYONE would really appreciate that. *Pictures to come!* I promise. (I hope).
And it is almost April. Almost Easter. And my gnomey eggs are getting snatched up pretty quickly!!! So go get yours now! I am saving up the money from my sales for a new camera!!! My old one is fine. I love it. But I want to venture into the world of digital SLRs. Scary, and EXCITING!!! I also want to announce secretly... that I am going to have my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY (Besides that jar of jam a while back...)... so stay tuned. :) All these promises. We just started our garden this week with lettuce, peas, herbs, beans, swiss chard, spinach, chives and some tomatoes and peppers indoors. So I need a compost pail!
I will say this is shameless advertising at its best, but I thought I should share some sweet deals. I just signed up for Mamapedia and bought a couple of their daily deals for EcoMom and Klutz. At Eco Mom you can get a $40 gift card for $18 (if you type "Spring10" at checkout) and score this stainless steel composting pail for $20 out of pocket. (ETA: Shipping is pretty high, but is free for orders of $50 or more.) Among other items like natural, wooden toys and cloth diapers and yummy looking soaps. :) I bought 2 gift cards. And for Anastasia I am getting this from Klutz:
Can you imagine how she will love it? I am stocking up on items for our trip to the midwest in May, and I think this will be a nice "toy" to play with when we get there. Not sure it will work well in the car, but there are plenty of other neat things to choose from. :)

Well enough about that, I better get to bed, but here is my grateful list today (I am aiming for 200 by Easter now... I sort of fell out of habit. shame. shame.)

31. Good health. (Especially after bad health.)

32. Good friends.

33. Fuzzy baby goat babies. (I kind of really want a goat again.)

34. Kitties (Pretty Please Sweet husband of mine?)

35. Spring

36. Snow (but not now. Not in March. NOT after the FIRST DAY OF SPRING. Boo.)

37. Little baby plants. And how green and happy they are.

38. Time. Every last bit of it. I wish I had a little more.

39. Folded, put away laundry. (even though there seems to be a shortage of it. but isn't it so lovely?)

40. Shamrocks. I wanted a shamrock today and I found one for .99c at the grocery store. It was providential indeed.

41. Corned Beef and cabbage. It was so yummy. I love St. Patrick's Day!!!

42. A toasty wood stove (especially when Spring decides not to be Spring anymore.)

Did I mention snow is in tonight's forecast?

43. Facebook. Blogs. INTERNET! WINDOWS TO THE WORLD. when my babies are sick. I cheated a little this week.

44. Kieran just woke up... better get him back to sleep... before he gets mad.


44. (For real) he fell asleep before I left my chair. I love that he does that because the girls never did.

45. My new bed. (And the future bunk bed of my little ones because Anastasia has claimed the couch.)

46. My husband's new side project!!! (Its a secret right now!!!!) So now we can afford a kitty.

47. Lent. (absence makes the heart grow fonder......)

48. Spellcheck. (I was Homescooled... Thanks mom! :) (TOTALLY kidding.)

49. The roof over my head and the ones I love, especially in light of all those that lost their homes, families, friends and children in Japan.

50. Prayer.

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Sharon said...

Clare~ I really love your blog! I love that you are making a list of some of the oh-so-many things you are thankful for and remind us all to be thankful for! I should make a list... And I love to see the adorable pictures of your amazingly beautiful AND sweet hearted children... I am so happy we are friends & neighbors~ :) P.S. You can come visit the goats ANY time! And I don't think they'd mind if you squish them a little... LOL!