Friday, March 11, 2011


(sunset picture taken the evening before Kieran was born!)

Today my mom and I took the girls to the Richmond Children's museum in Short Pump. It was quite fun, especially for 2 little girls who are already asking when we will return! There was much to do including a castle and a water table to play in and a train to ride. It was a bit underwhelming compared to the museum located in Richmond. But when you are 2 and 4, there are very few places that aren't exciting and magical.

So today I continue my list. Starting with Monie and BopBop (my parents named by my children! lol!!). If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here... nor would my adorable little children. And we wouldn't have spent today having fun at the children's museum. Nor would we have listened to my sweet baby cry angrily in the car for 25 minutes. ha.

21. Monie
22. Bopbop
23. FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. Sleeping children in the car. (especially in traffic on the way to Richmond!)

I am grateful the apple wasn't poisoned.
25. Fairy tales. And how real they sometimes are.
26. Sunsets (which are, in fact painted by fairies. Ask Anastasia).
27. I would say Sunrises as well... but I don't care for mornings enough...
so 27. Cinnamon Rolls (dessert last night!)
28. Meat. (How is it I love meat the most on Fridays during lent? It seems all the better when you can't have it!)
29. packages in the mail (is there anything as exciting as packages in the mail? Except maybe the 7 packages the UPS guy left on my doorstep from Amazon last week!!! Thank you coupons!!!)
30. Coupons. I like coupons A LOT. Especially when they mean free/cheap baby items from Amazon -AND- when you get payed by the grocery store to buy something. Martin's payed me $1 to buy creamcheese the other day. Awesome. And my mom gave me 7 more Amazon coupons today!!! :) It has been a good day. And its Friday! Happy weekend all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you gotta e-mail me about Amazon coupons so I can get 7 packages on my porch. :)