Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pickin' Marshmallows

See this tree? It is an ever-so-rare Marshmallow Tree! :) Nick went out to the hills on Saturday (aka, west virginia) and after a long week, I had another day with the 3 little ones all to myself. I was bummed about missing a ballet because I forgot about Nick's trek to the Mountains of no return... so instead I took my littles to Great Country Farms for their Marshmallow Harvest and Egg hunt!
The kids were elated to say the least. They could care less about the Easter Egg hunt, but happily plucked the plump mallows and Peeps off of the trees:
Is that not the cutest idea ever? I really think that it would be fun to turn our blossoming cherry tree into a marshmallow tree too someday. WARNING: Below is another superfluous picture of my cute, cute pie boy (I figured I would warn you in case you are sick of seeing him posted every post... but how could you? He is DARLING).
Little baby Kieran enjoyed the harvesting from the coziness of his stroller. The day was cool and overcast, but made for less crowds and A LOT of mud. Isabel was layered in mud. But the great thing about harvesting marshmallows, was the warm fire with roasting sticks. I could have sat there all day roasting fluffy sugar puffs. But the girls had were busy stomping in puddles and jumping on jumping pillows, and feeding animals. IMPORTANT stuff like that. But after the fun, and mud, and damp, cool, Virginia weather we needed to go. And because our poor bushel of marshmallows were wet, we stopped to get a few baby peeps...
And made little hot chocolate ponds for them to swim in... where they met their demise in a slow, melty kind of way. It was truly a melty-mallowy kind-of day. I hope my girls remember picking marshmallows and sipping peep hot cocoa when they are teenagers and think I am lame. Because "once upon a time" I was a pretty cool mom.

*Apparently "melty" and "mallowy" are not real words. Who woulda thought?

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