Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring is here!!!

The diapers hang in the breeze, the forsythia is on fire, the hens peck around looking for worms and other goodies in the fresh green grass. Is there a single season as lovely as Spring? We had terrible storms and flash floods on Saturday. Thankfully nothing here was damaged, but the River is super high. The ground is nice and squishy and muddy. We are inside playing with homemade lavender playdough and it smells so calming. I love Spring. And baby goats:
This is Hyacinth's baby, Petunia at a couple days old (that was over 2 weeks ago!) Can you even stand how cute she is?
And this is Tigerlily and her baby, Daisy. She has the cutest stripe going down each side of her. They are so squishably cute.
But I have my own bundle of squishable cuteness:
This romper is HUGE on him but I picked it up brand new at Goodwill last week for $3. Only downside was the BULLDOZER on the front. Really? A bulldozer on a sweet, plaid baby romper. Ok, honestly Kieran is wearing 18month clothes now (at 5 MONTHS!!!) and the romper was 24 months so maybe a 2-year-old would be in love with the bulldozer on his romper. Kieran? Not so much. So I appliqued a chipmunk onto it. Now it has the cute forest child feel, not the industrial, mow-down-the-forest feel. :) haha.

I just added a new icon for Heartsy. If you haven't signed up yet... DO IT. I am in love with these silly deal sites now, and hope to do all of my Christmas shopping through them. And Heartsy features all handmade/Etsy shops, so you can get a great deal on handmade goodies. I bought a voucher for some cute, cute soaps. Did I ever mention that Isabel's favorite Christmas present was a lollipop soap I found in a $ bin at Michaels? She carried it everywhere for days and they begged to take baths for weeks to play with the lolly soaps. Sooo I hope that cupcake and petit four soaps will also be a big hit! :) AND if you sign up through my link and buy a deal, you and I get a $5 credit for future voucher purchases! Yay! Many of the items featured are for jewelry, which I don't wear much of, but I have seen a pretty vast variety of items and hope to see some nice artwork to add some life to my house. The walls are kind of boring around here. :P

Oh well, off to work on the nature table...


Anonymous said...

Spring really IS awesome in Virginia!

I love the goats...and the chipmunk...and the baby wearing the chipmunk.


Clare said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks!! We had such a nice time at your home! I am sure it is just stunning now that everything is blooming and turning green!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, every day I see new things springing up (mostly good things :) and it's really pretty. I wish it would stay like this for a long time.