Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone! What a joyful time of year this is! Christ has risen and Spring is here! The sad thing is, my camera battery is as dead as dead can be, and I have lost the charger so there is no hope in that rising again anytime soon. Thankfully I took a couple of pictures before church on Easter and somehow there was a tiny inkling of juice left in the battery to load them on the computer. So, we had dresses and Easter bonnets with frills and bows and pretty white sandals and......

....a new kitten! I am so happy to FINALLY have another cat!! His name is "Pumpkin Pie Puff" at the moment. Anastasia named him "Pumpkin Pie", and Nick and I call him "Puff". He might just be one confused kitty for a while but he sure is a cute little purr ball and seems to love being cuddled, snuggled and loved. My girls just adore this little fuzzy puff. He never gets a break from being adored!

I did not have time to make dresses this year, and gave myself a free pass to go buy some. Not only that, but the girls fell in love with the "princess dresses" at Burlington Coat Factory and I felt that anything I made would not compare to the poofy, ruffly pink dresses they had hanging in all their glory, like bluebells on the dress racks. They were in love. We went to church and then spent the day feasting at my parents house. We had an egg hunt and enjoyed a good bit of time outdoors soaking up the sunshine. And while Easter crafting was not a huge priority this year, we did boil our chicken eggs (poking a hole with a pin in the bottom, does in fact make them easier to peel!!!) and pulled them out of the pot and into mini-muffin tins for the girls to paint with crayons. It was so much fun and much easier (and less messy) than dyeing them. And they turned out more vibrant too!

And last week I made an Easter discovery tray for each of the girls: There were things in the tray to engage all of the senses, including carrots, arugula and dandilion greens to taste, eggs to shake, lavender, mint and lemon balm tea, flowers in a babyfood jar vase, glass pebbles, wooden eggs and small smooth stones. They enjoyed arranging items and sipping their tea and garden veggies. :) I might make a new one this week! What fun.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter with eggs, candy, and most of all celebrating new life and the hope and peace that it brings to your soul. :)

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