Monday, May 2, 2011

"E" is for......


We are slowly learning our letters and last week we did activities, songs and read books about "E". We learned about etiquette and electricity. We made eggs to eat, and glued egg shells to a letter "E" made of cardboard (and this did not work so well). We went on an Egg hunt with eggs full of pictures that begin with "E"s and then glued them in little books. Unfortunately my camera battery charger was still MIA, but thankfully it was found by my wonderful husband a day before I was going to order a new one! I am so naked without my lil' camera.

I also made this Easter sensory box with little chocolate eggs hidden in it... like a little, mini Easter Egg hunt. I was able to shoot pictures before it was destroyed after I charged my battery. I included paper Easter grass, egg shakers, little bunnies and chicks, lemon balm and dandelions and even some lettuce leaves from the garden! I covered the bottom in shredded carrots. What fun!

"E" is also for Extraordinarily Cute Baby. Oh. My. Word. He is my cuddle pie (but don't tell him, because it makes him mad when I call him that). Anyway. I was able to get in my garden today, and plant a few things and now we are on to learning the letter "D". Happy Monday!

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