Monday, May 2, 2011


It isn't quite my birthday yet... but we celebrated with my parents this weekend! :) It was nice day with a few of my favorite foods: shrimp, scalloped potatoes and a turtle cheesecake:

My dad made the cake for me, and my mom decorated it with Violas! It was beautiful and yummy and I still have some in my fridge to enjoy when the kids are in bed! :) And just because, here is another adorable Kieran picture. Cutest baby ever, right? He was really fussy after a short nap at my parents, but enjoyed watching Milo and Otis with his sisters:

LOL. I was once a parent with standards including not letting my babies watch tv. Yeah. right. Anyway, "Milo and Otis" got us a game of Scrabble which I successfully lost. but I love Scrabble. And I love my new cast iron dutch oven! Thanks Mom and Dad! Now on to starting My Bread in it...

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